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Next to hybrid cars and suvs, it seems the most popular newcomers to the environmental movement are hybrid buses.  Make no mistake about this one; hybrid bus sales are big business.  While there are daily reports of schools, universities, and smaller city governments buying one or a few of these green machines, every few weeks we're now hearing about larger metropolitan areas replacing their entire fleets with hybrid-electric buses.

Here are some of the very first hybrid bus news headlines:

10/2007: New York Transit Agency To Buy 850 Hybrid Buses For $435 Million (Bloomberg)
10/2007: SEPTA Orders 400 Hybrid Buses from New Flyer for $212 Million (Newswire)
10/2006: London's Fleet of 8,000 Buses Will Be Converted to Hybrids (London.gov)
Hybrid Electric Bus

It's only a matter of time before the majority of our nation's buses are replaced with hybrids, and the fuel and environmental savings will be tremendous. Current buses average only 2-3 miles per gallon, while a hybrid-electric bus can acheive around 7 mpg.  In addition, hybrid buses cut exhaust emissions by 50-90% over their non-hybrid counterparts.  Other benefits of hybrid buses include the fact that noise levels are reduced to those of a typical passenger vehicle, and overall maintenance costs are reduced.  It's exciting to see some major changes like these, as we move toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.  Congrats to all involved!

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